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It's been some time, but I finally came back. I know, I know, you've all missed me terribly, right? Haha, anyways, I thought I'd let…
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Mar 07, 2013
Topshop Sequin Skater Dresspic

Topshop Sequin Skater Dress

$60 at Topshop. Buy it here. I Have to have this dress!!!!!
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Dec 05, 2012 Originally by yasfx

Lady Gaga as "Princess High"

So I'm kinda in love with Lady Gaga's halloween outfit. She freakin dressed as marijuana, how badass is that? I'm in love with it, and…
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Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Nov 04, 2012

My Skeletal Obsession!!!

So I thought today would be the perfect day to show you all my obsessions with anything skulls or skeletons. (I even want my future…
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Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 31, 2012

Calling to all the Beautiful Creatures!

Okay so I am super excited for the new book, "Beautiful Redemption" to come out on October 23, 2012!!! I have been following the story…
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 12, 2012

Eek, Killer Heels!

So today I came across an article on Yahoo! news that showed some serious crazy shoes. Looking at these shoes prompted me to find other…
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Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 10, 2012
She's a WEIRDO!!!vid

She's a WEIRDO!!!

Okay, so if you haven't heard of Iiris, she is an estonion artist who is absolutely amazing! I cannot stop listening to this song. And…
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 09, 2012
How To Be A Heartbreaker!vid

How To Be A Heartbreaker!

I'm so in love with Marina and The Diamonds new video for hr song How To Be A Heartbreaker!!! She has an amazing voice and amazing…
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 09, 2012

It's a Yellow Day!

So I must say that I'm lovin' Amber Tamblyn's wedding dress! It's not a traditional white dress, which I love, and it's yellow (one of…
Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 09, 2012

DIY Tie Dye Jeans

So I've been really wanting to make my own tie dye pants and I never got around to it. But this weekend I made time…
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Cassandra JahLove
Cassandra JahLove Oct 08, 2012
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Yo guys and gals, I'm Cassandra. I love DIY projects, vintage, bubblegoth, awesome art, reworking old clothes and pretty much anything colorful, glittery, and anything with unicorns! I also have a pinterest account, so you can check me out there, I'm also on blogspot,, and of course facebook and google+. Check me out, kids!